Leisure, Discipline and Punishment

LDP is an EU supported collaboration between Contour Biennial, Mechelen, GIBCA, Liverpool Biennial and Lubljana Biennial of Graphic Art.

Venues: Stravaganza Mornington Hotel, Göteborgs Centralstation, Landvetter Flygplats

The idea is to look at different social spaces that people visit for pleasure and necessity or where they are placed by force. The artists respond to the meaning of these places, adding new layers of content and form. The exhibition is presented in locations in Göteborg where people live, work and relax. 


Petra Bauer (Sverige) - Mornington, Karen Cytter (Israel) - Mornington, Agnieszka Polska  (Polen) - Mornington, Peter Wachtler (Tyskland) - Landvetter, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (Frankrike) - Landvetter, Dario Šolman (Kroatien) - Centralstationen